HiI'm Anla

For people who want to explore the world🙌🏻

I'm here to share travel tips,
And the other side of the world that tourists don't see 🗺️

Let's go together.
Live a life of no regrets!

Three Topics

Think differently.

There are so many strange ways to travel!

The highest level of eating

it's about seeing a culture through its food.

Stop taking things at face value,

To see the real story behind the beauty.

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"Who am I? Where do I come from and where do I go?"

It seems that I have been trying to answer these questions for a long time,
so I keep on going.

So, in college, I was exposed to different careers──

I was anintern reporter of social news.I saw the family members who threw the gold paper in anger, the Wanhua hobo robbery, the Xinbei guillotine case

I am a trainee inTaiwan Innocence Project (TIP)I met Su Jianhe and helped TIP to redress grievances.

I becamea financial assistantanda Wedding ButlerandI host eventsranging from 10 to 100 people.

I traveled alone and experienced the local life in Taiwan──

AtMatsu-Tongju,a local creative organization,Dapu Plus+,I participated in the Lantern Festival's all-night drumming team, which perpetuates a dying art;

InOrchid Island, at "Moonlight B&B" run by the Yami people in Orchid Island, I went fishing in the sea and chopping wood in the mountains with my Orchid Island parents.

AtPingtung Donggang,I stayed inThe Way Hostel,to experience the reverence and sincerity of the Donggang King Boat Ceremony.

InShidian, New Taipei.AtWanglai TeaI experienced the most heartfelt tea production.

Finally, this is my answer:

"Life is about realizing and experiencing.
No matter where you live.

Taipei people have their life's big question,
and so do the nomads in the wilderness.

It's all good to choose any kind of life,
it's all an experience."

──《A Song of the Sad Coffee Shop》


I wish
we explorethe mountainsand the sea
And feel that life is worth living.

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